Monday, October 25, 2010

Fair Return

The Fair Isle technique is fairly (heh heh) new to me, and I am still learning quite a lot about how to hold the strands of yarn and gauge.

This is a pullover which I designed for Miss Boo, and after a short period of separation in which we saw other projects (view this post here and it that statement make more sense), I finally managed to finish it.

Surprisingly, it fits her perfectly.  I don't know if adding bobbles was the wisest decision, as I'm afraid that they'll tend to get caught on things and snag, but I think they look awfully cute (even if the photo loads upside down.)

Picking out a color scheme is extremely stressful for me.  I like solids.  I like cables.  I like simplicity.
(Not really, but I tell myself that to help me cope with my inability to come up with a pleasing color palette.)

I'm still not super-thrilled with the way the colors interact in this pullover, but I don't absolutely hate it either, so it's an improvement off of my usual color choices.

I still have difficulties in maintaining gauge, but I started to get better as I progressed, meaning that the top half of the pullover is more smooth than the bottom. 

(She's five, so I'm hoping that people will assume the wrinkles near the hem are a result of excessive five-year-old wiggling, rather than a mother who cannot cast yarn correctly.  I'm all about letting other people accept the blame.)

Here's a prerequisite inside view for all the knitters who want to see how sloppy my floats are.  (For knitting muggles, "floats" are the strands of yarn that are carried on the inside until they are used.)  In my case, the yarn desperately struggles not to drown, rather than "floats", but oh well.

I was also quite stupid and cut the yarn every time I needed to change colors, instead of just carrying them up the side of the body.  This resulted in hundreds (I am not exaggerating) of yarn ends that had to be woven in.  I have a sick feeling that the first time I wash this pullover it will unravel and I'll then have a dishcloth that took me hours and hours to knit.

At least it's done, hooray hooray!

(Now I can start something else with less guilt.)


Ellen said...

I want to see a picture of Boo wearing the sweater. Maybe if you hand wash it then the strings will never ravel. I was there when you cast it on and I thought to myself what an odd arrangement of colors. I was wrong. This color combination is absolutely gorgeous!!

stephanie said...

I think the colors look GREAT together - I LOVE this little feminine sweater.!

These kinds of projects make me wish I had time to fit knitting into my life.....but that might not go over so well during work meetings or presentations!

Acornbud said...

It came out so cute. I'm generally anti-bobble, but they do make cute fruit:) Nice work!