Friday, October 29, 2010

Stripping at the New Pastor's House

Hee hee, that has a really awful sound to it, doesn't it?  However, I can assure you, nothing untoward happened and the only thing that was removed was wall paper.

Our church has been very blessed to have gotten a new pastor, Justin C., and before his family moved in we wanted to help them out by stripping the wall-paper off the walls of one of the rooms (Brianna, his wife, had mentioned it as something she intended to do before putting the furniture in that room).

Jenn and Stacey were my two compatriots.  Despite her broken foot (my son thinks she has a Transformer limb), Jenn climbed on top of the ladder and buckets like a trooper (or an Autobot).

Every picture I have of Stacey is blurred.  This was not my camera's fault.  The woman moves at the speed of Superwoman if Superwoman ever decided to switch from fighting crime to fighting grime.

Notice my picture is not blurred.  Grime is something which I have learned to befriend, rather than wage war against.

Taaa-daaaa, all done!

To finish up the home coming present, we all chipped in and got a few pantry items to tide them over until they had a chance to get their own grocery items.  (Jenn and Stacey were actually the gals who did the shopping.  I just gave them money.  I'm all about letting people do the work for me.)

Welcome to the Frigid North, Justin and Brianna!


All Natural Mama said...

Now why would you want to take down that lovely wallpaper? lol.
So nice of you all to do that for them. Their new home is beautiful, now in part thanks to you!
See you soon,

Anonymous said...

Wow Rachel, you look like you lost a TON of weight. I guess chasing 3 kids is a great workout :)