Friday, December 10, 2010

Fingerless Mitts

Last year I knitted my brother a pair of fingerless mitts which he said he really liked, so I decided to knit up a few more for the rest of the men in my family.

This is a great pattern, and it's free, and it uses worsted weight yarn!

I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn since that's nice and washable and hard-wearing as well as being very soft.

 The thumb gusset is especially nice feeling on the hands.  A lot of mitten patterns just have a thumb opening that sticks out the side, but this one is actually knit into the seam of the mitten.

I might knit a pair for myself after Christmas, because they keep my hands warm while keeping my fingers free to knit or play piano/violin.  Very useful.

Two more presents to be wrapped and placed under the tree!


Ellen said...

Very manly! Men can bite their fingernails, wipe their nose their ... all without taking off their gloves. Very practical. Very manly.

Harris Hawaiian said...

Very true and are the low maintenance ones in the family...well, that is, except for Robby Rob who has more facial and eye creams than I do...

TuttleTimes said...

I think Mike would LOOVE these...weren't you planning to give these to him. If they haven't found a home yet, I know of a really good one.