Friday, February 18, 2011

Haoles in the House

Not long ago we had some dear friends over for a meal of "local food" consisting of typical Island fare, (meaning the only kind of Island fare that I know how to cook).  In case you don't know, "Haole" is the Hawaiian word for "white people".

For an appetizer I made a few rolls of sushi, some with and some without fish.  (Click here to see my tutorial on how to make sushi at home)

The salad was just a simple Asian salad with cabbage, raw ramen noodles, sesame seeds, carrots, peppers, and a few other odds and ends.

I also made a bowl of saimin, which basically consists of cabbage, chicken, chicken broth, lots of ginger and garlic, Japanese udon noodles, and hot sauce.  (If you've got a cold virus this stuff is the bomb.)

 The main course was a family favorite, Kahlua Pork.  (No, Handyman isn't in pain.  I had just threatened to take his plate away from him.)

We didn't have enough room at the dining room table for all the kids, so we made an impromptu picnic area in my piano studio.

Although I had been forewarned that our friend Shawn liked hot stuff, I have to say I was completely astonished with how that man could put down the wasabi and Sriracha.

Wasabi is wonderful stuff.  It's a bit like Roto-rooter for your sinuses.

Sriracha?  Sriracha cleans out everything that's left after the Wasabi's had it's wicked way with you. 

You're lucky if your nose is still attached afterward.