Monday, April 18, 2011

Organic Milk

One of the many wonderful things about living in a rural community is that good healthy organic food is much easier (and cheaper) to get.

A few miles from our town is an organic dairy farm where we purchase our milk for only $4 a gallon.  Now I know that Wal-mart milk is cheaper than that, but organic milk is not.

Sometimes I take the kids with me when I get milk once a week, and they always enjoy seeing (*cough cough* stressing out) the cows.

There are some baby calves, which the kids thought were cute.  I don't think the calves were similarly impressed with my kids.

There's something really neat about knowing that the milk I purchased quite literally came from a cow less than ten minutes before.


Ellen said...

Yum. Now make some kefir with that and add a few kefir grains and it is even yummier. I blend mine with blueberries and agave nectar for dad and he will drink it that way.

Anonymous said...

Much better than the 1/2 goat milk we got as a kid! Remember the clumps and the hair? (And Mom thinking we would be fooled?)


Too Little Time said...

Loved Miss Boo's new dresses - had to look back in your posts to see them all -- absolutely adorable!!! A little tutorial would be appreciated -- did you put elastic in the middle?