Friday, May 6, 2011


I consider myself a generally chipper person and I am very rarely depressed, but just now my right leg aches rather badly and the pain is a bit more intense than it usually is.  It's so lovely outside and I'm feeling sad that I can't work in the flower garden as I'd planned. 

Ah well, it's probably silly to post this to the world, but sometimes it's nice to have a shoulder to lean on, even if that shoulder is ethereal.

Now I'm going to give myself a stern talking-to, take a few more ibuprofen, brew a lovely cup of aromatic tea and marinate in a tub with bath salts.

I'm starting to feel better already!


Ellen said...

:( I will be praying for you. I hope that you are feeling much better tomorrow after the rest you got today. Sometimes the Lord slows us down so we can reflect on Him and His blessings. Hope that you were able to do that today... Love ya, friend.

Acornbud said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Too Little Time said...

We all need someone to listen - I understand how when it finally gets nice and you can't enjoy it can really pull you under. But the sun is shinning with more regularaly. It is inching up little by little. The trees are starting to bloom and the promise of renewal is all around us. Saying a prayer for you :) Karrie

Joshua said...

baths = nom :)


TuttleTime said...

Hey Rach, I am sorry that I am just now reading this. for some reason, I don't get all your posts. I will be sure to scroll down more often to be sure to catch up. :) I think I know why you were a bit down this past week, but I hope this bit of vacation in sunny south has helped! I loved seeing you and the family .. see you again very soon.