Friday, June 3, 2011

Two More Cowls

Miss Boo's two ballet teachers did such a lovely job this year, so I decided to knit them each a small cowl as a thank you present for their teaching and being willing to put up with my occasionally disobedient and usually snarky daughter.

I used some lovely alpaca yarn that my Mum sent me from one of her alpacas (Mum has the most beautiful stuff; you can contact me if you're interested in purchasing any or email her directly at Aloha Windmill Alpaca Farms)

The pattern was Abstract Leaves Cowl, which was a fun quick knit and wasn't hard to memorize.

The yarn Mum sent had the most lovely loft (that means it was extra poofy), so I think it will be extra warm in the winter when extra warmth here in the Frigid North is a necessity.


Ellen said...

Sooooo pretty! You are so talented!