Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vinyl Deck Chair Covers Tutorial

Aldi was selling some deck chair cushions for a fantastic price, so I picked up three for my deck furniture.  Last year, however, the neighborhood cats were using my deck chairs as their personal lavaratory and I had to throw out the old cushions.

This year, to deter the cats and to help the cushions stay dry in case of storms I decided to sew clear "pillow cases".

From JoAnn's I purchased clear vinyl (usually used to cover tablecloths) and cut it into a large rectangle. I measured the length of the cushion (including the "fatness" of the cushion) along with the width.  I doubled the width and added an extra inch to the width and about 8 inches to the length of the final cut, using a marker to help me cut straight lines.

If you're going to sew vinyl I'd recommend getting a leather or vinyl sewing needle, as it's very sturdy and will help your machine .

I folded my large vinyl sheet in half and sewed one end that would be the top of the cushion, and down the side of the case (the vinyl is folded so that the fold is on the other long side of the case).

Be sure to set your stitch width quite wide, because if the stitches are too close together they will just create a perforated line where the vinyl will easily tear.

Once you're done, turn your covers inside out (so the seams are inside the case) and slip your cushions into them! 

I left the bottom of the case open and folded them under the cushion.  If I were a more particular seamstress I would have done something professional to the bottom like adding a zipper or snaps.

I fold them under.  It's the way I do things.

Besides, I'd rather spend the time sitting in the chair enjoying my porch than fussing with zippers or snaps.


Anonymous said...

But in the summer the plastic sticks to your legs!!! No~~~~~~~!!!!!!