Monday, August 15, 2011

Midway at the Fair

Our county fair is pretty spectacular, in my opinion.  The midway has quite a few rides, and every year we get the kids wristbands (for unlimited rides) and take them for a night of fun.

This year I did well enough with winning prize money from my fair entries that it paid for all of us to get a wristband.

This was Gabe's favorite ride.  The guy at the top of the slide was laughing so hard every time Gabe got ready to slide down, because (no big surprise) Gabe would literally fling himself down the tube face first.

Despite Peter's hopes his airplane never did catch his sister's airplane and therefore he was not able to knock her out of the sky.  I'm sure the fabled Red Baron had a similar expression when he flew.

Miss Boo was. not. amused.

I love that there are practically no lines.  Once the ride is done, the kids can get right on without having to wait.  Waiting isn't something that comes easily to a three year old.

Unfortunately our evening was not without incident.  Poor Miss Boo was running to get onto another ride when her feet slipped out from under her and she smacked her face on the metal stair.  For a heart-stopping moment I thought she had hit her eye, but thankfully it was just her cheekbone.

She was pretty distraught, but thankfully a bandaid and cotton candy eased the pain somewhat.  She spent the rest of the week telling everyone she met that "her face fell off at the fair".

Peter is tall enough to go on the adult rides, so Handyman took Peter on some of the bigger more exciting rides.

Good times!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like eating too many fried cheese curds and regretting it (all over your upstairs bathroom) later :/


Rachel said...

FUN!! That so reminds me of my childhood. I wish we had a good fair that came near to us!