Thursday, August 25, 2011


Although I didn't win as many blue ribbons this year as I did in previous years at the fair, I entered enough things that I still managed to get a tidy amount of prize money; enough at least to pay for my week's pass and for the kids to go on rides on the midway.

One thing that really thrilled me though, is that my Oma won first place for her needlework. 

There was a division for antique needlework, and I entered a table runner that my Oma had made when she was in her twenties (but we'll be polite here and not do the math to figure out if it's my Oma or the table runner that's an antique).

Congratulations Oma for a first place prize!


Anonymous said...

Go Oma! Quality is not measured by age :)


TuttleTime said...

Cool...I am playing blog catch up.