Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poor Gabe!

Sometimes it's nice to have siblings.  Of course, there is the usual torture and mayhem and Lord-of-the-Flies hierarchy that goes with being in close contact with people that you didn't get to choose, but there are perks too.

The other day Gabe was playing outside barefoot (against the rules, but the silly Kanaka will take his shoes off to climb trees) and he cut his foot pretty badly on some loose piece of broken crockery.

(Don't ask me how the crockery came to be broken.  From what I understand, it had something to do with Peter's Viking spear and Miss Boo's failed cooking experiment.  I didn't inquire further than making them clean it up.)

Anyway, after rinsing off the little guy's foot so I could see where all the blood was coming from, I put him on the couch.  I came back from getting the antiseptic lotion to find him laid out like a little maharajah in all his bloody glory.

Peter and Miss Boo had propped his "cracked" foot up on pillows (thankfully they had pillowcases on the pillows), put another pillow under his head, and covered him with his favorite blanket.  While Peter tried consoling the happily crying Gabe, Miss Boo was dabbing at his foot with a wet washcloth. 

Gabe thoroughly enjoyed all the dramatic attention, and I am happy to announce that his "cracked" foot has healed up nicely.  For now.


Rachel said...

Poor little guy!! But what great caretakers!! Ali had her own run-in with injury today. Unfortunately, Noah laughed.