Monday, November 14, 2011

Oakdale in October

Near our house is a small nature center that has a fall festival every year.  Two years ago Peter's picture even made the local paper!

We always try to arrive in time to eat breakfast there.  It's tasty and not too expensive, and since it's a tradition it's extra fun!  Pork sausage with pancakes and apple sauce, mmmmmm!

After we eat breakfast we visit the small craft vendors and the kids participate in the free activities. 

These were cute, but buying anything alpaca-related from anyone other than Grammy is a cardinal sin.

The boys especially like the archery. 

Peter, in true male fashion, blamed his lack of skill on the bow.  Miss Boo promptly took his bow from him and hit the target three times.  Peter then said that it wouldn't work for him because it was "obviously a girl bow".
(Apparently all the available bows were "girl bows")
Peter (with plenty of help from Daddy)really had fun making a birdhouse, which he proudly hung on the playhouse at home.  Although I seriously doubt any bird will be brave enough to nest so close to an obviously well-visited spot, I'm hoping I can convince Peter to move the house to a safer location by spring.

A highlight event is always the "Barrel Train" rides. 

Gabe especially likes this part.

Lots of family fun  on a beautiful fall day!


Ellen said...

Oh that is too funny. I love the "girl bow" thing!! Where could Pete have picked up that male bravado gene? Andy? Dad? How humiliating for Pete that Boo hit the target 3 times! I love it.