Sunday, December 4, 2011

Discovery Center

For Peter's birthday this year, my Mum paid for him to take monthly science classes at the Children's Museum.  While Peter is off learning about the circulatory system or the endocrine system, I take Miss Boo and Gabe into the regular part of the museum for a few hours of play.

They really enjoy it, and I enjoy getting an hour or two of knitting time in while getting to feel like the world's best mother.

The outdoor section is closed after November due to the horrific winters we suffer through here in the Frigid North, but up till then the kids think it's the coolest part of the museum to visit.

Also outside is a "dino-dig" area, complete with the necessary tools and implements for uncovering dinosaur bones.

The little boy on the right is Caleb, Peter's friend who also attends the home school science classes.

"Look Mom, I found a skeleton! It doesn't have any guts!"

Miss Boo likes playing dress-up, especially as the Postmaster (or is it "post mistress"?).  I suspect she likes bossing people around and delivering obscenely large bills.

The last time we were there she wore her special birthday earrings (courtesy of Auntie Angie), and stopped random strangers so that she could show off her bling.



Ellen said...

That is one AWESOME playground!! We have a children's museum, but it seems to sort of pale in comparison to the pictures you have shared. Your kids are growing up sooooo fast! Make it stop! ha ha.

Miss you, friend. Back to wearing my beautiful scarf you sent me last year and I love it. Think of you each time I put it on and send little prayers your way each time. ;)