Saturday, March 24, 2012

Diaper Bag for Baby

Before my beloved Phaff sewing machine died on me, I was able to use it to sew a diaper bag for Baby Ella.

The fabric, trim, buttons, and everything else were all things I had in my fabric stash, and I didn't use a pattern but just made it up as I went along.

Shockingly enough, I think this bag is one of the best things I've ever sewn.  Usually (even if I do follow a pattern) I have to use my seam ripper a couple of times, but for some reason on this magical day my sewing mojo was in top form.

Paisleys aren't something I care for much, but I really crave sea foam blue/green shades with red accent trims right now and the colors over-rode my aversion to design motifs that resemble squishy amoebas.

I sewed two elastic lined pouches on either end of the bag for bottles or whatever else might need to get stuffed inside for easy access.  (Elastic in varying widths is something I try to always have on hand.  It seems to be one of those sewing notions that have become a necessity in this house.)

Look, look, even the pocket has a bottom pleat!  I planned that!  Can you believe it?!

On the front of the bag I sewed a flat pocket with a buttonhole closure.

And here's another gratuitous end pocket photo, just because I'm so tickled that they worked (*sheepish grin*).

Even the zipper behaved for me, and zippers and I have a long history of animosity and distrust. 

(I take out the zippers from clothing items that are not worthy of donating, so I generally have a few free zippers of varying colors and lengths on hand in case of an emergency or last-minute sewing binge.)

I also happened to have the coolest heavy duty white lining fabric.  I wish I knew exactly what it was made out of, because one side felt like a mixture of cotton and canvas, and the other side was almost (but not quite) waxy and smooth.  It felt very stiff and gave the bag some sturdiness.  (The outside fabric is an upholstery or home decor fabric, but it's still not stiff enough to stand on its own.)

A few more pockets on both insides of the bag, and it was done!

A fitting eulogy to a beloved machine that has been with me through so much.