Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Kids at the Tattoo Parlor

This spring I signed up Peter and Boo for a 6 week art course at the downtown Tattoo Parlor and Art Studio.

The first time we walked through the tattoo studio to get to the art room downstairs, Miss Boo was quite put-out that someone was "coloring on that man".  It's not that we have any moral difficulties with tattoos (I'd love to get a knitting one, as I fully believe in embracing the Dork Side), but I have been very firm with the kids about Not. Coloring. On. Themselves. With. Markers.

Both of them absolutely loved their art lessons.  It would be so nice to keep them signed up long-term, but it's just not feasible for us, since Boo also had ballet starting again and the baby will be here soon.

Both of the kids said their favorite thing to do was to make things out of clay.  Smelling the damp clay and seeing the pottery wheel brought back memories of my college days.  Ah, the halcyon days of nostalgia!

Gabe and I only stayed the first time.  It was crowded enough in the studio to make it uncomfortable for me (since I'm due soon and standing for long periods of time is painful), and I didn't want Gabe to be underfoot as I wasn't paying for him to take classes.  He really enjoyed playing with the bits of clay while he was there, though!

Ah, the joy of artistic expression!  Some day I'd love to have a place where the kids could "create" things without my having to stress about the amount of clean-up creativity requires. 

Oh yes, that's what art lessons are for - not only to teach art, but most importantly, for someone else to deal with the aftermath.