Monday, July 30, 2012

Discovery Center

We were so fortunate to find out about the ASTC Passport Program.  Basically, because we have an annual membership through the Putnam Museum in Indiana, we get free admission to nearly 200 museums nationwide, including the Discovery Center in a nearby town.  (Click here to find out more information).  That annual membership has paid for itself several times over!

Every Friday for the next few weeks they have special exhibits planned, and on this particular Friday they had all sorts of fun Frosty Friday experiments.
At first, Peter was pouting because he wanted to play with the Connect-Sticks in the foyer instead of "sitting in a dumb class". 

This attitude quickly changed when he learned that he could cause a minor explosion by putting liquid nitrogen in a sealed container.

What is it with boys and explosives?! 

The Discovery Center staff was superb.

They kept a theater full of kids on the edge of their seats.

(The adults seemed to enjoy it too.)

Ella, despite her grouchy look here, was such a good baby.  She just sat in her stroller and watched the mayhem.

Why is it that when she looks grouchy she reminds me more of Miss Boo as a baby?

The final highlight was when the staff showed the kids how to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

Nothing gets kids' attention faster than the promise of ice cream.