Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two at a Time

I almost never post pictures of a current work in progress (usually because I'm too busy working on it to bother taking pictures), but I'm having so much fun knitting these socks with my new-to-me method that I had to show.

Knitting socks with long circulars and the magic loop method is by far my favorite way to knit socks (although I agree with my friend Lynn J that Ninja Knitting with 4 double pointed needles does look way cooler).  However, this time I did an added bit by casting on for both socks at the same time on the same long circulars. 

I did this by first casting on 32 stitches with the first ball of yarn, then casting on 64 stitches with the next ball of yarn.  I pulled out the "magic loop" halfway through the 64 stitches I had just cast on with Ball of Yarn #2, and then cast on the final 32 stitches with Ball of Yarn #1.  

Sound confusing?  It is.  I was shocked when it actually worked.
(As a disclaimer I should note that I am by no means the author of this way of knitting.  I did read about it in a book somewhere, but somehow I managed to figure it out without having to look it up.)

The Knitting Fates are occasionally kind. 
(This is to make it all the more shocking and painful when they sneak up on you and totally poop on your wonderful project.)


Ellen said...

Unfortunately, the knitting jargon is lost on me... ;) However, I am in love with your yarn! Those are going to be gorgeous socks. Happy that your new method is working so well! ;) Hope you had a better day today.