Monday, December 10, 2012

Orchid Care

I feel a bit self-conscious posting about orchids, as out of everyone in my green-thumb family, I'm the least qualified.

- However, I am the only one with a blog.

(Okay, my Mum has a fabulous blog as well, but she only posts things about bugs and slugs and slimy things.  Hi Mum!)
So, here's what I do for my orchids which seems to work fairly well.  First, when I purchase an orchid, I repot it into a large glass bowl.  You can find these for cheap at yard sales or thrift stores.  My theory is that the glass 1) allows light to the roots which is important for orchids, and 2) keeps the soil moist.  In the Frigid North the humidity level in the winter can be a killer for moisture-loving orchids.

If you need more potting mixture, you can purchase orchid bark at most plant nurseries or even at Wal-Mart.  It's not a good idea to use regular soil though, as too much of it will cause the roots to rot.
Place your orchid in sunny spot out of direct sunlight.  (The orchid and the family cat might vie for the sunny spots).
Water your orchid twice a week with two ice cubes (yes, ice cubes).  Be careful when you are putting the cubes into the bowl that they don't sit on a leaf, as the cold could cause the leaf to fall off.
That's it!  Super easy, and best yet, your orchid should bloom up to twice a year and stay in bloom for a month or more, usually during the most miserable (weather-wise) times of the year!

Do you have any orchids or exotic plants?  What tricks do you use to keep the happy?