Sunday, December 16, 2012

The First Day

We are staying at Bellows Air Force Station in their cabins which are right on the beach.  My dad is retired military, so he was able to book the cabins for him and my Mum as well as our family.  We're even right next door (which is fabulous because when the kids wake up at the butt crack of dawn we can send them over there).

Of course, the first thing we did after breakfast was check out the beach.

Bellows beach is one of my favorites, because it's not crowded.  During the week especially we can have the whole beach to ourselves!  Much better than nasty Waikiki . . .

Dad, Ella, and I then headed to the Marine base commissary to stock up on necessities. 

On the way, we stopped to get some breakfast at a little local restaurant in Kailua.  Loco Moco looks like poo slathered in poo, but trust me, it's delicious.  (It's actually fried rice with a beef patty covered in gravy and then topped with a fried egg.  It's hard on the arteries but good on the tastebuds.)

Another fabulous benefit to renting a cabin is that it comes with a fully furnished kitchen, so we can save a lot of money by cooking instead of eating out all the time (eating malasadas and bi bim bap doesn't count.  Those foods are listed under "therapy").

I couldn't believe the prices at the military commissary.  Milk was only $3.99 a gallon.  Off base it's $5!  We were able to get a lot of groceries as well as some extra goodies . . .

Chocolate haupia pie anyone?


Brianna said...

What a great first day! I loved the pics of food. And Loco Moco does look like poo. :)

Wishful Acres Farm said...

Looks like you're having a great time! And *wow* what is that giant glowing orb in the sky in your pictures? Oh, yes, the sun... we haven't seen the sun peek out in a week back here.... and we're in for a major winter storm tomorrow (calling for 9-14" of snow). All in all, I'd say you picked a GREAT time to leave this behind!!!
(ps do you have someone lined up to shovel your sidewalks? We'll probably be snowed in out here in the country, and won't be able to make it to town... but maybe someone in town can help? Don't want you to get a fine. We can shovel it on Saturday if needed, just let me know!)