Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Race

Handyman doesn't do any exercise, because his job already requires so much physical labor.  However, when he heard that several of his brothers and nephews (and one fabulous sister-in-law) were going to be running a 3K in a nearby town, he decided to sign up.

He convinced Peter that he could do it as well.  I was a little worried that Peter might have trouble, but Handyman blithely assured me that my eldest son would be just fine.

When did this kid get so big?!  When did he stop crawling and begin running?! (Insert "Mommy Moment" *sob*) 

The process for getting ready for the race was very exciting.  Men love gadgets of all sorts.

 And food.  Food is very important to Peter, who will go through quite a lot of hardship to have food.

Then of course, there is the noble art of . . ..
(You have to play the video.  It's hilarious.  If you're reading this via email you'll have to go here to the blog to play the video.)


It was *$$^#)_ cold that morning so I bundled up as best I could in the van with my knitting and waited for the race to start.

I'm not sure why Peter is making that face.  Perhaps he was having second thoughts.

"Goodbye, Peter!  Daddy loves you very much but he's going to run ahead and leave you in the dust so you can run with your kind(er) Aunt".
Ella stayed nice and warm in her stroller and made flirty eyes with everyone.

 Aaaaannnnd they're off!!!!

Tom came in first with a blazin' speed of 9 something ish(?).  Next came Bob (who is the eldest of The Brothers) followed by his two boys.

Handyman came flying by next, followed by Mike, and then finally Aunt Amanda and a triumphant and exhausted Peter.

A few of The Brothers (and Sons) medaled for their age group, including Handyman.  I think his extra speed was due to his cunningly hand-knitted aerodynamic cap.

(With the Father of The Brothers).

From there we all went to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed a delicious Midwest breakfast.

As I said before, Peter will do a lot for food.


Merry said...

Congrats to your menfolk!'s an awfully strange "breakfast" your son is eating! I think you are giving people the wrong impression! LOL! Merry :-)