Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Operation Ella

Now that Ella's eczema is a bit more under control, we're trying to get her to eat baby foods.  Of course, she is still a bit rashy and her skin definitely doesn't have that soft baby smoothness, but it's loads better and best yet, Ella's much more alert and happy.  (It's like she's emerged from a lethargy fog).

Operation Ella involves feeding Ella as often as possible.  My mum, Grammy, is fabulous at this.

 Ella will sometimes eat for me, but she definitely does better for her Grammy.  (Unfortunately when I feed her Ella fixates on her previous food source and it's tough to distract her).

By far, her favorite food is Gerber brand pureed bananas.  It has to be Gerber.  The little diva won't eat anything else - homemade is completely unacceptable.  (My Dutch nature is cringing that I have to pay $.70 each bottle.)

She will eat carrots and sweet potatoes under mild (sometimes not so mild) protest.  We've also started introducing cauliflower.
(Recognize the quote?  Read it with an English accent . . .)
Yesterday she had more blood taken so that they can test her allergic reaction to more foods.  This time we're focusing on foods we think she can eat.  Right now I'm flying blind, so to speak, because everything that we've tested her for thus far she's been allergic too.

The hope is that if we can get her weaned, it will be easier to avoid allergy triggers.  I am very strict with my own diet, but mistakes happen.  I found a great home made baby formula recipe in Sally Fallons book The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care that is a liver based formula without any dairy or soy in it. 

Things are SO much better than they were two weeks ago, for which I am very thankful.  She's still not eating very willingly, but it's not as much as a struggle as it had been, and every day is an improvement.


Merry said...

Glad she's eating more! I wonder if it's the texture with Gerber, maybe she needs it pureed super fine? I remember having texture issues with food as I was growing up! (I was such a picky eater!)

Liver-based formula, who knew? Wow. Hope that works well! Bless you all.