Saturday, December 28, 2013

Breanna's Mittens

One of the great things about knitting mittens with 100% wool is that it's practically waterproof, and incredibly warm. 
(No, her name isn't "rean", but Breanna is a long name and so it wraps around the back a bit.  I should have just knitted Bree, but I wasn't thinking about the length of the name at the time.)

This week's temperatures have been brutally cold (-9 degrees), but even with that, these mittens keep my little girl's fingers toasty warm.

 Of course, I don't let them play outside when it's that cold, but if it's only 16 degrees, then, naturally, I will.  The kids will come in after an hour spent playing in the snow with their mittens covered in snow, but their hands will still be warm.

I always knit an attaching cord so the mittens don't accidentally get lost.