Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Countdown . . .

This year, I made gloves or mittens for all the kids (except Ella), and Peter's gloves are the last pair to be knitted.

I still have two fingers and a thumb to complete, and because this is a style of knitting called Fair Isle in which you knit while carrying two strands of yarn at once, it's not as quick to knit as knitting with just one strand of yarn.

The color in this picture (above) is more accurate.  The yarn is my favorite go-to choice for gloves and mittens, Rauma, which I am able to purchase at my local yarn store, Wall of Yarn.  (They have a mail order service now - go see!  You only two skeins of fingering weight yarn to knit an adult size pair of gloves, so it's an excellent last-minute Christmas gift!)

The pattern is from a book I purchased called Selbuvotter, which has traditional Norwegian patterns in different sizes.  Peter's gloves are a tad big for him (I told him they fit me much better, but unfortunately I had already knitted his name onto the cuff - drat!).  Still, that boy is growing so fast I think that having them a little large might be a good thing.  I plan to crochet a cord and attach the gloves together so they can be threaded through the sleeves of his coat, thus ensuring they won't be misplaced.

Okay, have to get busy knitting.

Mele Kalikimaka everyone!


Merry Marinello said...

Hey, you found the other one! So amazing the patterns you can knit!