Monday, December 30, 2013

Repost: Christmas Card Refashion (or Boxing Day!)

Christmas cards are so special, and it always seems like such a waste to throw them away after they've served their decorative purpose on my mantle.

(I don't actually have a mantle, but when speaking of things Christmassy a mantle is expected).

So, instead of chucking your old cards willy-nilly into the trash bin, turn them into adorable boxes perfect for jewelry or candy!

All you need is scissors, a pencil, a pretty card, and some tape.

To begin, open the card and tear into two pieces, one piece being the front (this will be the top box) and the back.  You should have two identically sized rectangles.  Mark a small X in the center of the card.

You can easily do this by laying a ruler (or the edge of a piece of paper) diagonally across each corner.  Use a pencil to mark the X so you can erase it later.

Place the card right side facing down, and fold each of the four sides to the X, trying to make the crease as sharp as possible.

Cut along the line you just folded, rather in the shape of an H.  You aren't cutting the corner squares out, just cutting towards the center.
Fold up the sides, and if the end tab is longer, fold it inside the box.  Affix with tape and erase the X on the inside of the box.

Do the same for the other side, and you have your box!

Now, to make the bottom box, you'll need to make it just a tad bit smaller.  Make the bottom exactly like the top, except fold the edges a little bit past the center X.  It helps to mark it first with a small dot.

That's it!

Credit should go where credit is due, and I ought to say that I was taught how to do this by the Memphis Man (my uncle).  I recorded it on video, so you can watch him make it.  

Beware, I filmed this on New Year's Day, which, as you know, is a scant few hours after New Year's Eve.  
I will leave it at that . . . . .