Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ladyslippers for Oma

My dear Oma is turning 91 fabulous years old in September, and I really wanted to make her something extra-special for her birthday gift.

I got this book from my mother in law, and when I saw the pattern on the front, I knew it was just meant to be.
(not the bikini.  Some things ought not be knit).

THIS pattern.

I need to ask my Oma if she'd prefer the sweater knit as shown, with sleeves, or if she'd prefer it made into a vest.  She lives in a warmer climate than I do, so a sweater might not be as practical as a vest.

So far I've completed the back and half of the front.  Obviously, it still has to be blocked, which will help it lay flatter without all the bumps.  I'm a little concerned that the colored yarn will bleed.

It's by far the most complicated thing I've ever knit.

I had to rip out the edging five (FIVE!) times before I figured it out.

It's looking beautiful though, and definitely worth the effort.  Can't wait for my Oma to see it!