Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

 The weather here in the Frigid North has rapidly become, well, more frigid.  (We had our first frost last night.)  I decided to take the kids for a nature walk to enjoy one of the last beautiful afternoons of the season.

I will admit to having ulterior motives. I needed some very long branches / tree limbs for our annual Thanksgiving tree and I haven't been able to find any in our backyard that would suit.

I also wanted to give the kids an opportunity to find more mushrooms for their daddy to enjoy. Andy and the kids are avid mushroom eaters and they get a thrill out of finding some hiding under some fallen leaves or in a nook in a downed log.

The mushroom pictured above is called a Hen of the Woods. It is a ground-growing mushroom that looks a lot like a pile of leaves. This particular one wweighed about 10 pounds or more and was a bit tricky to get back to the car. If you notice in the picture above with the branches, you will see it nestled in the branches. It was too heavy for me to carry so I had to drag it!

This mushroom was the second Hen of the Woods that my Gabe found. We are starting to call him the Fox of the Woods because he is so good at finding the Hen of the Woods!