Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sharing the Love: Peachy Rhubarb Pie Recipe

Many people don't care for rhubarb pie, because rhubarb is usually a tart sort of plant that is not that pleasant to eat. However, this variation of rhubarb pie has peaches in it, and peaches have the wonderful ability to sap tartness from it's surrounding neighbor. I have given slices of this pie to rhubarb haters, only to gleefully watch their shocked faces when they discover that THIS sort of rhubarb pie they like!

I can't really claim this recipe as my own, because I originally got it from a Taste of Home magazine, but I've got my own way of making it en masse, so I thought I'd share my methods. In the spring when the rhubarb is starting to ripen I try to whip up around 20 of these yummies so that I've got nice frozen pie ready whenever I need some dessert (or therapy, take your pick).

Start off with a large resealable plastic bag for mixing, and in the bag put 3 cups of chopped rhubarb,
3 cups (or one large can) of sliced peaches,

1 to 2 cups of sugar (depending on how sweet you like it to be; I usually compromise at 1 1/2 cups, as I like to keep everyone happy and compromise is the way of peace), and 3 tablespoons of tapioca.

The tapioca is the secret to a good pie, especially a pie that has some runny fruit in it like peaches (although it's not suited that well for harder fruits like apples). It creates a smooth texture to offset the tart rhubarb, and jells the peaches together so that the slices of pie don't run on the plate like pantyhose and brambles.

Not I might add that at this point you can put in some shaved coconut, but as I personally believe that shaved coconut (unless fresh) tastes like shredded cardboard, I leave it out.

Spray the bottom of your pan with a non-stick cooking spray. Since I make a lot of pies at once, I just purchase the tinfoil pans. That way if I give a pie as a gift, I don't have to worry about getting the plate back.
Now, using your good ol' store bought crust, place it on the bottom. Then, after giving your bag of pie mixture a good mambo shake up, dump the ingredients in the pie plate. Dot the top with lots of butter.
Butter is good for the soul.

Place your second pie crust on top, and roll up the edges to seal. Brush the top of the crust with milk, and then sprinkle on about a tablespoon of sugar and perhaps a dash of cinnamon. This makes a store bought crust taste really flaky and homemade. (Shut up Lynn. I can hear you disagreeing from the corn fields of Illinois :)
Put on a layer of wax paper to seal in the moisture, and then place the entire pie in a large resealable plastic bag. If you want to suck the air out of the bag, zip up most of the bag, leaving a small corner still open. Stick a straw in that small corner and suck out the air, and you'll have a nice cheap vacuum packed pie for your freezer.
Now, at this point, it's best to label your pie, just in case you decide to make a few extra apple pies (for my own recipe see here) or cherry pies and they decide to all socialize in the freezer. As my label says, bake the pie (frozen) at 400 degrees for about an hour or perhaps a bit more. It's best to stick the pie in the oven while the pie is still frozen; if you thaw the pie first the bottom crust gets soggy, and soggy pie is a crime that ranks up there with murder and talking in the theater.
Voila, a delicious pie that is sure to please! (click to embiggen and print selection)


Sereknitty said...

That looks 'yummo'! I too, cheat and use store bought crust, but my excuse is that my pie crust tastes like crap! I use the same 'no fail' recipe that my mom and sis use, but mine tastes totally different.
Thanks for sharing your recipe & method!

Sereknitty said...
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Ellen said...

YUM! I love rhubarb already, ... but this pie does sound DELISH! I am going to have to try it.... I have to say, I've never really tried store-bought crust, but the biggest reason I don't make more pies is the mess and hassle of dealing w/ the crust... maybe I should venture out and give them a try! LOL