Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Albus Dumbledore and I

I recently checked out the audio set of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince from the Library, and I was listening to it today as I was preparing dinner. Imagine my delight, when the narrator read:
"What took you so long, Albus?"
"Oh, I was just reading the muggle magazines in the bathroom. I do so love knitting patterns, don't you?"
Perhaps wizarding and knitting have more in common than I thought (other than the obvious resemblance between knitting needles and wands)! Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could clean my house with just a flick of my knitting needles? Unfortunately, while I'm flicking my needles, the house usually gets into worse disrepair!

On a lighter note, I finished that denim quilt that I started a week or two ago. I'm actually quite pleased with the result (can you believe it; no complaints!). I decided to add a little batting to soften the blanket, and I also made it smaller than I originally planned. Since I still cannot find the extra denim squares, I had to settle for a nice afghan sized blanket. One project done, 200 more to finish!

Poor Rhapsody. She was trying to take a little cat nap on the couch, and Peter just couldn't resist the urge to pester her. I think it goes with the name, "Peter". Every "Peter" I know can't resist pestering . . .