Saturday, October 28, 2006

Grammy's Classroom

Yesterday Peter, Baby Banna, and I flew down to South Carolina to visit with my family. The flight went very well (I barely made it to the gate in time!), and we arrived safely in Greenville around 3:00.

Today we went to Grammy's classroom to see all her wonderful animals and school stuff (she teaches K4 at Southside Christian School). The room was still decorated for the Science Space Explorer Lab, and Peter had lots of fun "blasting off". He also helped feed Grammy's menagerie, which includes a Bearded Dragon named "Spike", several turtles, frogs, a preying mantis, and butterflies. Peter had a lot of fun digging through the worm bin, although Mommy made sure to keep baby away lest she decide to taste a few of the slimy things.

Later in the day Bompey (Dad), Josh, Nathan, and I went to the theater to see The Prestige. I really enjoyed it a lot - the ending was pretty cool, if rather chilling. Unfortunately, as we were leaving the theater, Bompey realized his wallet was missing. It still hasn't turned up, and there was a lot of cash in it. Poor Bompey. I think he feels pretty badly about it. Hopefully some rare, honest person will find it and return the wallet.

Absolutely no knitting accomplished today. I did give Grammy her Autumn Socks, and I think she liked them. I brought more yarn to knit more socks, but I don't think I'll get much knitting done on this trip. Ah well, I can just use the needles to poke Josh if he's bothering me!