Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trunk or Treat

What a fun trip this has been! I am extremely sleep-deprived, because the kids cannot seem to coordinate their naps during the day, but I'm still having a great time nevertheless. Yesterday we went to the playground in Greer. Peter had fun playing with his uncles.

Oma and Opa came to Greenville in the afternoon, and we celebrated Peter's third birthday (yes, I know it's a month early; Grammy couldn't resist the Pooh stuff at Wal-mart). I think Peter was groggy at first from being awoken from his nap, but after awhile he seemed to cheer up. Perhaps the chocolate cake had something to do with it.

This evening we went Trunk-or-Treating at Mom and Dad's church. It was a lot of fun! I think Peter was a bit overwhelmed. Poor kid. All his life, he's been told, "no more candy; that's enough candy". Then, all of a sudden, he's being bombarded with candy from all sides. He must have had a good time, though, because as we walked back to the car he was alternating between singing quite loudly and licking his lollipop.