Monday, December 18, 2006

Feeling Rather Glum

Hello everyone out there in Blogger-land! I don't think I'll have a nice perky blog today. I just don't feel like being perky today. Perhaps later I'll pick up after I've had a nice hot cup of Earl Grey.

Peter had an "accident" this morning. He has been doing so wonderfully with his new undies, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that he's relapsed a bit. Thankfully, he was sitting in an empty Rubber-maid tote when he "leaked". (No, I didn't stuff him in a tote as punishment, nor as a means to organize him! He was pretending to be a train.) Did I tell you in my previous blog that I love plastic totes? Well, now I have another reason to love them - they don't leak anything.

I got a good night's sleep, and was able to read my Bible this morning. I'm not usually so lucky. Normally I can't read my Bible until 11:00 p.m.!

I guess I'm down because I'm feeling bad about a few things that I've done in the past week. Oh, nothing truly dreadful like stabbing someone with a knitting needle, but semi-dreadful things like speaking words that shouldn't have been said. Oh, my wretched, wretched tongue! Well, I can't really blame my tongue when it's only spewing things that are in my heart. The Spirit's been convicting me that my heart isn't as pure as I thought it was! What a sneaky thing the ol' heart is.

I've got to stop stewing about my mistakes. I have a bad habit of re-living every bad thing I've done, until I'm so mired in guilt that I can't move. The Lord is very faithful to forgive me, and I've apologized to the people I've hurt (and I think they've forgiven me, too). I'm just going to have to accept that God has indeed forgiven me, and stop focusing on myself.

Hmmmm. . . . interesting. "Count Your Blessings, Instead of Sheep" by Rosemary Clooney just came on the radio. I wonder if God's sending me an obvious sign that even I coudn't miss!

Sorry about all the doldrums. Just wanted to talk to my great blogging friends!

Oh, did you notice my great new blog? Thanks, Josh, for helping me fix things! (Josh is my computer-genius brother). Hopefully everything has transferred from my old blogging site.


Barb said...

There will be a few more "accidents". My boys used to get so busy they just forgot someimes, or were so pooped they just went to sleep. And don't let him talk you out of going potty before going on a trip, heh. Love the new blog. Hope your the doldrums move on soon:)

Danielle said...

I hope the holidays bring you lots of cheer, and banish those awful old doldrums. Our tongues can get us into terrible trouble that's for certain sure, but remember that the Lord is merciful and forgiving and others generally are too. As for potty training, leaks happen. It's definitely a hit or miss process, right? Just go with the flow, and frequently remind your little guy to use the potty without annoying him about it. Have a better day!

Ellen said...

I'm praying for you Rachel. I understand how easy it is to become frustrated with the potty training scene... the kids are still hanging on to this nasty cold. I'm just holding out hope for a healthy Christmas. Seek your encouragement from the Lord today! His mercies are new every morning! :)

Lucinda said...

ARGHH! Well, Blogger let me log in, but it blanked my comment & told me that I can't leave the comment field blank, even though I had a comment ready before I put in my blogger ID & password.

I'm sure it's all Blogger Beta issues, & nothing you are doing though. I'm going to test if this posts before I try re-creating my original comment.

Lucinda said...

OK. Let me try with the original comment again...

One phrase I always found helpful with little boys & getting ready for going out/driving/being away from the potty was to say, "Make sure you empty your tank!" Something about the car reference, about car's tanks needing to be full & little boy tanks needing to be empty seemed to work to avoid the, "But, Mommy, I don't *need* to go potty" comments. ;-)

& I've also had the "Just the right song at the right time on the radio" thing happen to me too. Sometimes it's just exactly what's needed.

Coverstones said...

I am sorry to hear about your bad day. You deal with things you regret the same way I do. It is so difficult for me to just get over "it" even when I have made things right. I know that when I confess my sin to God and the one offended that it should be no more, but my fallen nature is not willing to let it go. I actually get quite angry at myself for allowing it to get so out of control when I have already been forgiven by God, the ultimate Judge of all things. Who do I really think I am? His love and forgiveness is great, grab hold of it and don't let go!
Love you! ~Brianna
Did you get Paul's email? It sounds like he is LOVING married life. I knew he would! :)