Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Rants and Raves

Okay, I have some serious ranting to do. I am quite "put-out", as Jane Austen would so politely say. Quite.

I am still in South Carolina, and I have been eagerly anticipating a shopping spree at various yarn shops in Greenville. This morning, my mom so kindly offered to watch the babies for a little while so I could indulge my addiction. With lots of money to splurge, I set out to empty my pockets and fill my yarn stash. I bought . . . . . . . . .


Absolutely nothing. There I was, eager to buy every type of yarn that appealed to me, and I couldn't find anything worth buying. How disappointing! Everything that I saw was either cheap "fun fur" junk, or weird slubby yarn stuff. All I wanted was a nice sock yarn, and I was unable to find anything.

Please help. You knitters out there, please, please help. I think I'm going to be forced to reinforce my stash via magazines or internet. I am specifically looking for a nice, durable, soft, sock yarn. Any suggestions? I've heard Lorna's Laces praised quite a bit. Do you know a good place to get sock yarn?

On another knitting note, I came across the nicest yarn at Michael's. It's Patons SWS soy/wool yarn. It seems very soft, and the colors are so beautiful. I purchased two skeins, thinking they'd make lovely socks. However, upon closer inspection on-line, I've discovered that this yarn will felt.

How can I make socks out of them if they'll felt? I don't want to go to all that work, and then accidentally throw them in the dryer. However, I don't have the heart to return the yarn - it calls to me on a deep, emotional level (hee, hee!). Should I go ahead and knit socks anyway, like the reckless knitting fool that I am?

On a happier note, I have something worthwhile about which to rave; namely, chocolate.

Now, I consider myself something of a chocolate connoisseur. I prefer dark chocolate, and Nestle is never allowed to enter my house.

Having stated thus, I believe I have found the world's most perfect concoction: 365 Organic Chocolate Truffles. My mom bought them from Whole Foods grocery store.

The impact upon the tastebuds is staggering. One is blissfully transported to a land of free sock yarn and placid chocolate rivers where knitting and chocolate reside in harmonious company. Aaaaahhh.

Those chocolate truffles almost make up for the earlier sadness of my day. Almost.


Christy said...

Oh gosh, you MUST order Socks that Rock....www.bluemoonfiberarts.com IT's like crack for sock knitters.

Ali said...

Hey Rachel
I've been tempted by that Pattons yarn many times! Let me know what you knit with it. :)

Jenn said...

You could certainly make socks with the Patons - if you felted them on purpose and they were more slipper socks. For online sock yarn purchases I would recommend littleknits.com very highly. Also, theloopyewe.com has some lovely sock yarn, but I haven't ordered from them yet.
Good luck!

TuttleTime said...

You are just too funny! :) Knitting and Chocolate..what a great combo. For me, it's crocheting / scrapbooking and chocolate! :) I am sorry about the no yarn situation. I find it hard to believe in a town like Greenville that there was no decent yarn shops! I know you must be disappointed. Happy Knitting! I am going to crochet away on another thing just not sure what that thing is yet. :) --Love ya, Ang

Acornbud said...

OMG, nothing? Yikes! I'm glad you didn't settle. Once you get your hands on that premium merino no doubt you'll be hooked! I have the same problem in Honolulu. I surf the Net looking for yarn.

Jordan said...

Hello! This is Jordan, Derek's girlfriend. I love your site! I've already used several of the dishrag patterns. They are wonderful! I'm quite addicted to knitting haha so I was so excited when Mrs.Groth told me about your blog! The sweater you made for her is absolutely beautiful! I'm hoping one day to be able to knit that well. I would love to talk to you about knitting sometime!

Lucinda said...

Jenn recommended the same site that I was going to -- http://www.loopyewe.com/ Sheri specializes in just sock yarn. She's in St. Louis, just a mile or so from where I live, & is a member of the St. Louis Knitter's Guild.

I've also ordered from Lisa Souza -- http://www.lisaknit.com/index.htm & really like the yarn.

Danielle said...

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been able to satisfy your yarn addiction! It always seems to be that way-when you have the funds you can't find a thing when you don't you always find exactly what you want. I've never liked fun fur, actually I've always abhored it! It's something to do with the texture I guess...by the way, I can't believe you got sws because I picked some up right after Christmas! I had been tempted by it time and again. It's really nice, soft too.