Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thankful Thursday

For my "thankful topic" of this week, I am going to praise the Lord for our family's good health. I know that might, perhaps, be a bit ironic due to Andy's recent back injury and the fact that my head is swollen like a melon due to a bad cold, but seriously, we do enjoy good health.

I was thinking this afternoon how fortunate I was that my "bad cold" was nothing more than that. After all, there are many people with serious illnesses to whom a "bad cold" would be life-threatening.

So, as I sniffle my way through the rest of this week, I will be thanking the Lord for my health!


TuttleTime said...

I love your Thankful Thursday idea...I think I am going to start that next week...if I don't forget! :) Love, Angie