Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Grandparents are Coming, the Grandparents are Coming . . .

Last Friday my parent's flew up here to spend a nice long weekend vacation with us. They live in sunny South Carolina, and I think the cold weather has been a bit of a shock for them. Actually, we've been experiencing a "heat wave" of 20 degrees. My mom was shocked to see several people outside with no coat on, and Dad found it amusing that our neighbors (after shoveling the snow off their back porch) are having a barbecue.

Mom is selling Arbonne (organic skin care/makeup), and gave her very first presentation for me and two of my friends. I think she did a marvelous job. I really like the products, too. Now I just have to be budget-conscious!

Andy's parents and his sister came to dinner on Saturday night. It was nice to see all the grandparents together. Actually, I should clarify the titles. Andy's parents are referred to as "Grandma" and "Grandpa", while my parent's have been christened "Gammy" and "Bompy". This makes for an interesting conversation with my 3-year old son!

Thankfully, Breanna is finally feeling better. The poor child has been a grouch for two weeks! I think teething must try everyone's tempers!


Ellen said...

Hope you had a great visit with your parents! My cousin sells Arbonne! The only thing I really tried was the foot cream - which was heavenly! Couldn't afford it on a regular basis though... Have a great week. This week is Feb. break for me, so I am going to have a WONDERFUL week! :)

Danielle said...

How wonderful that you had a long weekend with your parents! It looks like you've been enjoying it. Teething can be tough, I hope Breanna feels better. I'm sooooo glad for this warmer weather, it's a veritable heat wave!

Shelley said...

How wonderful that the grandparents are able to visit. Hope everyone enjoys his/her time! My nephew has 2 nanna's and 2 bubba's...the distinction however, is that his mother's parents are Nanna Mall (she used to work at the mall and his parents would ask him 'do you want to go visit nanna at the mall' so he shortened it to nanna mall), and Bubba Bruce (that's his grandfather's first name). My parents are Nanna Orange (have no idea where he got that from) and Bubba (no first name). The bubbas come from one day when my brother was trying to get my nephew you say dada and it sounded like he said bubba and we all laughed so he started saying that so my brother points to our dad and says to my nephew, "call him bubba" and it stuck.

TuttleTime said...

Hey Rach,

I never realized how much Andy looks like his dad, especially noticeable in the picture of him and Baby Bannna. I'm sorry she hasn't been feeling great.

We just returned today from a quick trip to FL. We are wiped out...well, everyone but Caleb is wiped out. Between naps and occasional "brain breaks" (non-Xbox time), Caleb got his month's worth of Xboxing during the 9hr (each way) drive. I normally don't allow long spells of playing video games, but when there is very limited space and things to do...I waved the rules a bit. :) It really made for a nice, quiet ride!

I will post pics from that trip later. I hope Dad and Mom had a nice time. I am sure they are wiped out, too! Well, I am going to bed early for once.

Good to you soon. Love, Angie

TuttleTime said...

By the way, I just did the Sorting Hat (Harry Potter) link. (I don't know why I decided to do it tonight...I've seen it on your blog for months). Anyway, I am a Ravenclaw! Ha. :) It was close with Gryffindor, tnough. Ha! Fun. --Angie

Lucinda said...

It's always nice to have the grandparents visiting! Looks like they enjoyed it too.

My husband grills outside in all kinds of weather & cold. He's so big into grilling that my mom bought him a Christmas ornament that's a miniature grill for Christmas this past year.