Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cats and Cold

"What's that up in the sky? Uh oh; it looks like . . . ."

"No, you can't mean it . . . . not MORE SNOW!"

"I am so sick of snow. I'm sick of being cold and having frozen paws. I'm tired of frozen mice. Yes. I'm grumpy. Cold and grumpy."

"What? You got a problem with that? I'd like to see you survive out here with no thermal boots and insulated jackets!"

"That's it. I'm moving South".

* All pictures were taken from Kerissa L. without her express consent. Opinions expressed are not the views of Yarn Over or its affliates. No animals were harmed in the filming of this photo shoot - at least, not intentionally.


Brenda said...

Aww... Poor cold little kitties! I hope they got a nice bowl of tuna by the fire after their ordeal.

The orange one really has the disgruntled look down!

Cole said...

Those kitties look so cold! Time to warm up those tootsies!

Shelley said...

LOL...oh my goodness, that was a cute post!! Love those kitty pictures (and the commentary)

Danielle said...

LOL,(I wish someone would make up "GOL" standing for giggling out loud!) You really cracked me up! I love it, the last bit was the best! I think I'll head south too!

lynn said...

You are just too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Express consent, huh?


Looks as though I'll have to do more copyrighting. ;) hee


Anonymous said...

Are Mom and Dad there yet? You all must be freezing to death. I am down here in about 30 degree temps and my hands are chiiiily. I cannot even imagine how cold you all are. Stay warm, ok?! Love you. Angie

Acornbud said...

So funny. You sure you didn't just throw them out? They don't look happy at all, heh.

knitten kitten said...

Those cats have me laughing out loud. My fam is all here looking at me like I've done lost my mind, but hee hee that is too funny.