Monday, February 12, 2007

Just a Bit of This and a Bit of That

I thought these pictures were too interesting to keep to myself.

Look at those icicles! I know you can't quite get the size perspective, but just take my word for it that they are at least a foot and a half long! Want to know where they hang? Yup. Right OVER THE BACK DOOR! It's almost like my dear ol' house is warning me that if I leave, I am in danger of being impaled . . . .

This is my cat, Rhapsody. She has a vendetta against my houseplants. Although my house is full of windows, her favorite perch is right on top of my prized gardenia bush. How do I convince her to find a seat elsewhere? I can't move my plants, because this is the best window for sunlight! Any suggestions, you can people out there?


TuttleTime said...

Hey Rach,

I just read your comment on my blog...You will just love my new love themed post. Hee hee..

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

Acornbud said...

I'm sorry to hear about your teapot:(
I think the house slippers are nice touch for the cold winter house since it would be even more cruel if you made them go barefoot! That cat needs a cat whisperer. Please watch out for those icicles!

Danielle said...

I really don't have any suggestions about how to solve your cat sitting on your plant dilema. My cats used to do weird stuff like that too. They just don't listen to "no" either, they look at you like you're crazy or like it's their house or something...anyway, stay safe from pointy icicles!( Oh, sorry to hear about your teapot--I'm not a hot tea drinker myself, but I love a good cup of coffee!)

Anonymous said...

Rachel, after seeing your photos of the cold, the ice, and the snow, Dad and I decided not to come... JUST KIDDING!!!! Nothing can keep me from those grandbabies:) I will call you after work today to find out what kind of yarn you need from Michaels. I have a %40 coupon.

Lucinda said...

Your kitty probably also likes it because it's "the best window for sunlight" & she's mad that you keep sticking these stupid plants in HER SPOT. ;-) My cats change up which is their favorite window depending on time of day, to follow the sun.

Maybe if you put a comfy pillow in the sunny area of the next-best-sun window, Rhapsody could be convinced to sit in that window instead? (A pillow that you don't care about getting covered in cathair, of course!)