Monday, February 12, 2007

A Moment for the Dearly Departed

I have tragic news to relate.

A dear, dear friend has been beheaded. Alas, this stalwart companion, who has helped me through many stressful moments, is now no more. Always ready to offer a cup of warm comfort, I can no longer turn to my dear teapot for solace in times of need.

"Farewell, dear teapot! Your days, though short in number, were "filled" with sweetness and delight! (Actually, more like Earl Grey and Mango Infusion)." You shall be sorely missed, as I have none to take your place!

(Okay, can you tell I've been reading more Jane Austen novels? I always write overly dramatic when I've been submerged in the 18th century.)


Anonymous said...

You could always use retire your teapot to being a planter. That way it is still useful and beautiful.

Michelle said...

It was such a pretty teapot, too! Maybe you can store knitting needles in it.