Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Cultural Extravaganza

Last Friday my students had their recital, which I themed "A Cultural Extravaganza". I always try to have a theme for every recital, as it makes the evening much more enjoyable for the audience.

We had songs from all around the world, and even some songs from "Dreamland" and the land of Oz (i.e. the musical Wicked). I was so thrilled with how well everyone did! On the whole, I think it was a fun evening.

In keeping with our "Cultural" theme, the refreshments were ethnically based as well. There were polish something-or-others that I can't pronounce, Scottish shortbread cookies, All-American favorites, and lots of other great goodies. The students were kind enough to bring the food, and it was a lot of fun tasting the different snacks.

My SiL was kind enough to snap photos for me, as I was otherwise occupied during the course of the recital. Not all of the students are shown in the slideshow, as there were quite a few of them performing that evening. (The recital lasted about an hour and a half).

Thanks to everyone who performed, to the wonderfully supportive parents, and to everyone who brought food!


Ellen said...

Sounds like such fun! What a great music teacher you are. I'm glad it all went well.

TuttleTime said...

You must have just added this...I've been by several times. :) I love the slideshow. It looks like the recital was a great success! Great deserve the nice week off! Enjoy. Love, ANgie