Monday, March 26, 2007

I Fell to Temptation - Again!

Alas, temptation has struck again! I made my way to my LYS, intending to purchase enough yarn to work on two scarves, and ended up buying half the store. Well, it felt that way to my poor pocketbook, anyway! Want to see what I got?

Six skeins of the most delicious Plymouth Bamboo - yes, bamboo - yarn. It's unbelievably soft and the drape is incredible. I had previously purchased three skeins for the scarf I need to knit for the International Scarf Exchange, and I liked it so much I decided to get more for Christmas presents. I think the idea of knitting with bamboo appeals to me aesthetically.

While browsing the shelves, I came across some Patons Decor for 50% off. I am such a sucker for bargains! I purchased the whole lot, which was only 8 skeins, and I'm determined to knit a sweater with the stuff. It's a very cool shade, too, which I can't seem to accurately capture with my camera. The label says it's "Deep Sage Green", and is such a dark green, that one wonders if it's black or green.
This is what I intend to transform it into: Knitty's Avast sweater (there are more pictures on the link). I think it looks quite masculine and unfrilly. All that stockinette will most likely drive me insane, but on the other hand, I do like to have a few no-con's around the house (that's what I call "no-concentration" projects).

On a whim I bought some more Plymouth Sockotta yarn, because I like it so much. One skein knits two socks (so I don't have to keep track of two skeins!), and I like the ease of self-striping yarn. I'm not sure who I'll knit this for, yet.

I also purchased a pattern for felted clogs, but was dismayed to realize how much yarn I have to use. 7-8 skeins! That works out to about $30 for a pair of clogs. I don't think this project will be finished, unless I'm so fortunate as to find a great wool sweater to recycle!

I was sincerely hoping that with the advent of warmer weather my knitting obsession would lesson, but I don't think that's going to happen. Oh well, my poor sewing machine will just have to stay in the closet another month or two!


Knittin' Kninja said...

No, no, no, you don't have to buy 7 - 8 skeins! They're lying. They're having you double strand it, and really, you can just substitute Lamb's Pride Bulky. I'm using the same pattern and only have to use 3 skeins total for the men's medium. I work at a yarn shop and we were discussing this pattern recently and wondered whether fiber trends has some sort of deal with the manufacturer of the yarn they chose, since you need so much of it... Just use a bulky weight yarn.