Sunday, March 25, 2007

Andy's 30th Birthday Surprise

Andy celebrated his 30th birthday this past week, and I decided to throw him a surprise party. I had great help from lots of people. Tom was wonderful in getting Andy out of the house, and Pops was kind enough to grill hamburgers for all of us.

It was such a nice time to visit with Andy's family, some of whom we haven't seen in awhile. Grandma Leverton sat enthroned in the easy chair, watching all the commotion . . . .

. . . while baby Jacob cooed at everyone from his car seat. He is such a roly-poly cute baby!

I had an "Andy-egg" hunt game for the little kids. They were so cute; running around and trying to find all the eggs. Some of the eggs that were labeled "Andy" entitled the finder to an extra prize.

For the bigger kids, I planned other games. One of them was quite difficult! (That's Andy's brother, Joe).

Andy's favorite board game is Settlers, so I made him a Settlers cake. This is actually the second time I frosted this cake. The first time I finished it (and the stupid thing took me an hour and a half!), I covered it with a towel to hide it from view and put it on the dryer. The cat sat on it. Right in the middle. AAAACK! So, desperately hoping Andy wouldn't notice me doing it, I re-frosted the cake, ironically enough, while he was playing Settlers online.

We didn't ask for presents, but Andy's mom couldn't resist buying him "contraband" (i.e. Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls).

I'm very glad I could do this for my hubby. I think he had a nice surprise!


joshkahue said...

Settlers ftw hehehe

Angie eat your heart out~

Anonymous said...

Poor Rhapsody feels excluded. :b Everyone in your family except her made the album. :b hee hee hee

BTW, you should check out her page of photos. :)

Ellen said...

Looks like fun - you guys are always having such fun! ;) The cake looks great by the way. -Nice save on the "cat"-astrophe! (sorry. hee hee.) Happy 3-0 to Andy!!

Renee said...

sounds like a good time! Happy Bday to Andy. I've got another year before I am as ancient as he is. Ha!

Ruth said...

What a great party! You deserve to put your feet up after pulling all that together.

Ruth said...
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Lucinda said...

Happy Birthday to Andy! That's a great looking cake -- sorry you had to do it twice.

I think I recognize some of the books behind you on the bookshelves. ;-)