Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hooray for Knitty!

I just noticed that Knitty has it's Spring issue out, and I'm having a lot of fun perusing through the different patterns and articles. Even though I most likely won't get to all of these, looking at new patterns inspires me to finish the one's I'm currently working on (so I can do more more More!).

There is an excellent article about dyeing yarn with regular food colors, and I have some recycled cotton in sock weight that I'm going to use towards this project. Fun fun fun! Of course, the article does have several disclaimers about the mess created when one hand-dyes yarn, but I think that's only a plus! I can make a mess with the kids! Yippee!

I really liked this Isabella tank a lot, too. I think that would be an interesting knit, and comfortable to wear in warm weather.

The More Stripes vest looked intriguing to me because it requires basic steeking along the neckline. I've never done this technique before, but this looks like the easiest way to try. Plus, I really like the colors of Noro yarn, even though I've never been fortunate enough to have actually knit with it.

I just love free sock patterns, and this one combines free pattern, lacework, and wine. What could possibly be better?

Finally, the last inspirational pattern was the knee-high socks. I've never, EVER been tempted to knit knee socks before, but these are really adorable.


Brenda said...

Dying yarn with children. You are a brave woman! Have fun!

Danielle said...

All those patterns look great! I bet you'd do an awesome job on those knee socks. I suffer from the same thing too, I see so many great patterns I always want to make. That's one of the really fun things about knitting, dreaming of what you get to knit next. Right?!?

Karen said...

I overdyed some yarn in the crockpot following that Knitty article. It turned out well.