Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

I just had to post some pics of what my dear sisters gave me for my birthday. Not only did they chip in to buy me the plane ticket down to Atlanta, they spoiled me rotten with the best gift of all for a girl -


Oh yeah! This stuff is wonderful! My sister Angie made - yes made - this beautiful necklace and earring set. The blue stones are real Swavroski crystals in my birthstone color, aquamarine. She also put beautiful freshwater pearls as accents. I love the organic, oblong shape of freshwater pearls, as opposed to regular pearls.

My dear sis Lynn gave me these beautiful earrings from Ann Taylor Loft. She's an unbelievable shopper, and gets the best deals. She's amazing.

She also gave me this great lotion and body spray set from Victoria's Secret. It has the most delicious, fresh scent, like grapefruit and passion fruit. Yummy!

Thanks so much, you sweet, crazy, sisters of mine!


Anonymous said... usual, I'm just now checking your blog, so sorry my comment is late...but I was so happy to see you Rach! just want you to know that you are truly loved!! I can't wait to see you again! hugs and kisses! xoxoxo

Love your crazy sis in ATL,
Lynn :)

TuttleTime said...

Well, I'm even later than our sis, Lynn. I'm still buzzing from being in DC and unable to settle down to sleep. This is a great post! You are very very welcome. I love making jewelry and especially love making it for ones I love! :) Enjoy it. Love the socks...Love you, Angie

good night...zzzz