Friday, March 2, 2007

A Sure Cure for Cabin Fever

What to do when you are screaming to get outside? Why go outside, of course! We spent a very merry few hours playing in the snow, and now the kids are thoroughly worn out (and I am too!) Breanna was so tired, she fell asleep in the sled!

I'm usually an acknowledged snow-sissy, so I'm rather surprised at the fun I had with the kids out of doors this afternoon! Thanks, Lori, for the wise advice!


Danielle said...

You are so brave! Out with the baby and all, wow I'm impressed with your mommy skills. Mine seriously lack in the outdoor play area(especially when it's snowy out). They look absolutely adorable, my boys love to play in the snow and have been out alot lately with the weather warming a bit. As to your post about books: I've also been experiencing alot of disappointment in that area myself lately! I love to read at night before I go to sleep to help me wind down, and it's been quite challenging to find a good book. Good luck, I'd recommend some to you but our reading tastes differ a bit.

Ellen said...

I love the pics!! The kids are so cute. -It was a very snowy day here, but as it has been mixed with a freezing rain off and on, we didn't get to go out! I almost like to play outside in the snow more than the kids (although Claire really loves it too)!! ;) I LOVE to go sledding and build snowmen and snowforts. I'm sure the fresh air did you all good. The pic of Breanna in the sled (sleeping, right?) is too cute! Glad you had such a good day!

Ellen said...

Oh My! Dad and I got out of there just in time :) What fun. I used to make forts when I was a kid. These are precious memories Rachel. How cool that you set aside your schedule to do this for them. You are a great mom :)
Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

It looks like they had a great time in the snow! Such cute pictures.