Friday, March 2, 2007

Yes, Two Posts in One Afternoon!

I finished the knitting part of Oma's shawl (it's her birthday present, so don't anyone tell her, okay?). It was just the dishcloth pattern expanded and knitted onto size 15 needles, so it was a bit plain. I decided to dress it up with some exotic beads I found at Joann's. I couldn't seem to get a clear picture of the beads, even with Kerissa's excellent advice, so you'll just have to imagine a lovely red and orange curry color.

Peter is helping me string the beads onto the shawl, and is a very good helper.

Just look at that concentration!


Ellen said...

Love the shawl! I think the beads are a beautiful touch!! What a good helper you have.

Acornbud said...

That a great little helper you have! The beads really make the shawl something special!

Ann said...

I'd like to sign you up for the HP KAL, but we'll need your email to send you the invite. Send it to Em at She'l get you all signed up and ready to go!

Ellen said...

I love to see that kind of concentration on a kid's face. I bet he could make a dandy cheerios necklace for you Rach!
Love Ya,

TuttleTime said...

I love the picture of Petesy trying to string the beads! :) Very sweet. Can't wait to see you. Going to bed now...I just finished the blog on Caleb's bday party. It was a fun, exhausting time.

Oh, I love the word "Extravaganza"! Hope the recital is a success! :)

Love, Angie