Friday, August 17, 2007

"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watcha Gonna Do . . . ."

You'll have to pardon the bad pun, but that famous song from the TV show "Cops" was running through my head all day. At 2:00 this morning, I heard someone banging on the door. When Andy went downstairs to see what was going on, he found several cops out there, saying that someone had stolen stuff out of our van. They were a bit disgruntled for having to bang for so long - apparently our doorbell battery is dead, and we didn't know it. Oops.

(Just as an aside, you know how you have odd dreams when you're half awake? I dreamed that the cops were at the door to arrest Andy because our cat, Rhapsody, was bugging the neighbors. Strange . . . .)

Anyway, Andy buys and sells a lot of stuff on Ebay, and he had all his tools and two brand new printers in the back of the van. Unfortunately, I was the last person to drive the van, and I forgot (the one time!) to lock the doors when I got home.

I'm so thankful that someone saw the teenagers poking around our back yard, and called the cops. The kids got off with one printer, and left the doors open, but we think the cops caught the idiots. The cops arrested the kids as soon as they saw them (several streets away) for violation of curfew, but it was pretty obvious they were the same ones that carted off Andy's printer. I was just sick with relief that they didn't steal any of Andy's tools, or his MP3 player which was also in the van! Thank goodness for stupid criminals who decide to steal a 3x3 foot box, which is very heavy, and to carry it off on their bikes!

(Hee hee, I was able to resist the blogging bug, and didn't snap any pictures of the cops in the back yard writing their reports, however sorely I was tempted. With all the mosquitos flying around, I didn't think the cops' tempers should be tested . . . Plus, how do you explain, "um, excuse me, I want to take a picture of you so I can put it on my blog . . ."?)