Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fairly Well at the Fair

Don't forget about the contest I'm having for my blogiversary. It's not too late to sign up!

I forgot to show how I did at the fair. I've been meaning to blog about it, but I kept forgetting. Whoops!

I did okay, but not as well as I had hoped. Ironically enough, the two things I got first place for were not knitting-related! Of course, Andy smugly said that he "always knew I'd get first" for my green tomato relish (the man does like his relish and bratwursts!).

I am trying not to be too disappointed, but I couldn't help but notice that taste must have nothing to do with who wins first or second. Some of the knitted projects that beat mine could, honestly, be a little more difficult, but they were - um - not anything I would EVER hope to see someone wear. I mean, really, a purple/green/pink high-necked sweater with a frilly crocheted lace collar? *Sigh* Must . . . not . . . complain . . . further. As blogless Lynn says, "the judges must all be 110 years old", lol!

At least I did manage to make a little money from the winnings. Fair awards aren't much, but I got $27 in premiums, which more than paid for my season ticket and cheese curd fund!

(Oh, a special disclaimer to all family members: if I'm knitting you something for your Christmas present, and I want to enter it at a fair again next year, could I please borrow it back just for that week? Please? After all, you won't really need that long-sleeved sweater in August . . . .)

Alright, enough whining. Here's how I did:
Second Place

Second Place (the first place award was given to a baby sweater, which should have been in the baby clothes division - grrrrrr)

Second Place

Didn't place

First Place

Third Place

First Place

Oh yes, and a peachy/rhubarb pie that didn't place either. That's actually okay, because I made two, and kept the second for myself. Yum! Congrats to Blogless Lynn, who got a first last year, and a second and third this year for her fantastic pies! (Do I get a free pie for buttering you up? Hint hint, lol!)