Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Knitting Updates and Chinese Food

Hee hee, I know that the two things really don't have anything in common, except for the fact that knitting goes with anything!

(Oh, let me add a special disclaimer to family members and/or close friends - as in friends I know where you live friends - since I am working solely on Christmas gifts, please leave your honest opinion of any and all knitted items, since it may be for you. If you don't really care for it, PLEASE let me know, so that I don't gift you with it at Christmas. You know, just a "that's really nice, but not really something I would wear" kind of comment.)

Okay, onward we go.

I fell to temptation (yes, again) and bought some more yarn at my LYS. In my defense, I actually do have patterns picked out for all this stuff, and well, it was 50% off . . . . (hmm, I'm starting to sound wheedling, aren't I?) Most of it is Plymouth Imperiale, which I thought would go really well with most of the beautiful scarves, shawls, and stoles from Victorian Lace Today. The other yarn is some brightly colored stuff for a pair of socks for - - - - -.

This is the easy lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today, which I've decided to try knitting. It's my first attempt at a pattern from this book, so I thought I'd keep it simple.

I'm using some of that yarn I bought at my LYS, which is a lovely mohair/silk blend. The colors are pretty accurate on my computer, which I'd describe as a lovely cucumber green (knitting with this yarn is making me crave tea and cucumber sandwiches at a tea restaurant!). Another reason I like this is because it would be a great scarf to use when the weather is only mildly cold, but you still want a nice accessory to wear with your coat.

Last Saturday evening I had a rare "uneventful" span of time, and was able to sit and knit for a few hours. I got most of the main body of the scarf knitted then, and finished the rest of it the next day. Now I'm working on the lace edging, which is turning out to be surprisingly simple. It's easy enough to be memorized, but interesting enough to keep me from being bored. Why, I've worked solely on this scarf since casting on for it! Usually I flit from one thing to another several times before it's completed!

Okay, now for the family pics.

There's a little Chinese Buffet in our town, which our family really enjoys. It's not fantastic, but it's certainly passable. I think the owners must weep when the see us coming, because Breanna eats enough for three normal kids, and Peter's not far behind her (and they're both free).

Peter's personal favorite is the General Tsao's Chicken and the opportunity to eat as much ice cream as he can (without having to fight Daddy over it - Daddy eats LOTS of ice cream!)

Breanna just eats everything, and squawks like a screech owl if you try to touch her food.

So what do I like? Well, that should be obvious - NOT HAVING TO CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS!


Lynntinnee said...

You are so talented! I'm serious when I say that I have a hard time threading a needle, the last thing I "accomplished was sewing a button on my jacket". I think if I ever sat down and tried to make myself learn some type of craft, I'd get so impatient. The only "craft" that I have is in the kitchen, I do cook some mean meals, I love to cook.

but as far as "knitting, quilting or crocheting"? forget it, I'd take one look at a knitting needle and prob end up sticking it in my eye, from impatience...

btw - the kids are so adorabley cute!...Andy on the other hand, NOT.......LOL

hee hee (again only I can say these things b/c I'm his loving sis-in-law) buwaaaaaaaa (evil laugh)

Danielle said...

Yarn, oh the temptation of it....and 50% off how is one to resist it! I think you did quite well, a. gifts for others b. that pile isn't big at all lol.

Your scarf looks lovely, and you are so speedy my friend :) The color is very pretty. Btw, my 10 yr old loves chinese too. I'm not nuts about though, so we don't go that often to the buffet here in town. You know that I'm the same way as you btw, my fav part is no clean up :)

Ellen said...

Wow, ... you ARE fast! I can't believe the number of projects you've been whipping up lately! Where do you find the time?!?! LOL. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TALENTED!

I L-O-V-E chinese... and I've said it before, but every time you talk about your sweet Breanna, it sounds distinctly like my own little Lilli! Someday they need to meet! ;)

Hope your week goes well!