Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bye, Bella!

I'm a little sad today, because my friend Bella is moving to California. I first met Bella through MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), and I'm so glad I did. Bella is like a Venezuelan Halle Berry, with all the style and class that name implies! She's also such a hoot, and is the horrible person who got me craving rum-and-cokes on hot days.

She had to pack up and move all her stuff in only two short weeks, so she's been de-junking left and right. I am the happy recipient of some of her "de-junking", as Peter now has his entire winter wardrobe, thanks to Bella's son, Derek.

The downside of having gorgeous, fashionable friends, is that they make me feel rather frumpy (or short, thanks to the fact that blogless Lynn is a foot taller than me). The upside is that they do contribute to a slight lessoning of frumpyness! Peter's going to look really posh this winter, with lots of stylish clothes!

Last night, blogless Lynn and I took Bella out for a girls-night dinner at Applebees. It was so much fun chatting and being away from the kids for a bit.

Bye, Bella, and I hope you enjoy your new life in sunny California!


Ellen said...

Sorry about your friend's move... hope you had a great "Girls night out." Great free clothes are always a blessing, huh?? Enjoy.

Have a great week!

Danielle said...

That's sad :( I hope she has a safe and happy move to sunny Cali!

TuttleTime said...

It always sad to see friends go, but that is what blogs are for....I hope she is able to stay in touch that way!

I am so glad you get to go out for Girl's nights out. Aren't they great...nothing's better than chatting with the girls...How was the scrapbooking! I was doing really well with Caleb's...then tonight we played a game on the table where I was working...everything is spread all OVER the place. Not sure when I'll finish now! I am working on crochet now, anyway.

Looks like you had a fun weekend...Love, Angie

Brenda said...

Very sad for you Rachel. It's always hard to have a good friend move away. I hope you will be able to visit her at some time!

TuttleTime said...

Hey Rach,

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on the blog...

I posted the pics of the yarn and thai food just for you!!! I am tempting you so that when you come down this way you WILL come spend a day or two with me! It's cruel, but it's my way...Waahhhaa heeehee! [evil laugh!]

Yes, that Rhapsody yarn is AMAZING. Before you look on ebay, let me verify the brand name and colors. I cannot wait to finish Caleb's afghan so that I can buy that yarn and start using it! It's amazing! ooo. I already said that. Ha!

The newspaper slide template is one of the free ones....Yep traffic is my horrible fate every morning and evening. Those pics were taken while swimming through seas of cars Thursday morning! Looks fun, doesn't it?!

Look forward to seeing what my crazy but cute neice and nephew are getting into this week...
Love, Angie

Diane said...

It's always sad to watch a friend move away but every time you mix yourself a rum and coke you'll smile thinking of Bella.

Lynntinnee said...

I have a perfect solution! MOVE DOWN SOUTH!!