Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yarn Over Goes Green

Hmmm, as I was loading the pictures for this post, it suddenly occurred to me that I've been feeling very green lately. Lots of green. Well, I do like green (lol, who doesn't like "greenbacks" - okay, terrible pun . . . anyway . . .).

This is what I've gotten done on Peter's birthday blanket. It's taking me longer to knit than I thought it would, but then, there are a lot of cables involved with the "honeycomb" section in the middle. Once I get that done, there are only six more panels to knit, woo hoo! I'm just truckin' along there! I think I might finish it by his sixteenth birthday! I figure that I have about 2 - 3 more feet to complete before this panel is long enough. Thankfully, it's rather mindless knitting, so I can accomplish a lot while watching mindless TV. Perfect combination.

Then, I got Mum's Maunawili Falls Vest knitted, and here it is blocked. I just love, love, love, this color. Yummy, soft, and sooooo peaceful. I had a difficult time staying awake while knitting it, it was so tranquil. Once it's dry, I'll sew the edges together and start knitting the ribbing on the armholes and neckline. Then it'll be the last non-Christmas item completed!

I finally got my Bee Fields Shawl kit from Wooly Wonka Fibers. Although I had a difficult time being patient and waiting for it (due to the overwhelming demand, the vendor didn't have enough yarn dyed up), it was well worth the wait. This yarn is deliciously soft, and the color reminds me of fresh green apples and summer fields. *Sigh*. I wonder how long my don't-knit-anything-other-than-Christmas-gifts resolution is going to last? Between this stuff and the new Blue Moon sock yarn, I think I'm doomed.

Here's to holding on to fatal resolutions!


Brenda said...

I love the green cabled blanket, and I'm sure Peter will too!

Maybe you can do a little non-Christmas knitting between Christmas projects as a reward to yourself for completing each gift?

Ellen said...

It's almost as if one can "feel" the softness of the Wooly Wonka yarn! It's a gorgeous color... as is your Mom's vest! :)

Have a great weekend!!

Danielle said...

You remind me of my resolve not to buy anymore yarn this year. It soooooooo hard to keep these promises we make to ourselves, isn't it ;)

The blankie will be a beauty, what a keep sake. Your Mum's vest is a scrumptious color too. Very "tranquil" as you put it.

Try not to pay any attention to that bee buzzing in your ear......