Thursday, September 6, 2007

I FOUND IT!!!!!!

Today we went to Rockford with blogless Lynn and her two kids, and it was so much fun (except when the kids argued and bickered - grrrrr). First we visited a yarn store (where I didn't buy ANY yarn (we're not talking about needles or books . . . that doesn't count . . .), then we visited JoAnn Fabrics, so I could try to find another skein of my much coveted Bellezza Dolcetto.

With bated breath, I entered the store and immediately found the sale rack - nothing there. *Sob*! Not ready to give up just yet (and knowing full well JoAnn's stacking "prowess"), I decided to peruse the racks of other yarns, just in case a stray Dolcetto was hiding out, looking for a loving home. Finally, on the last stack of yarns, at the very top, and squashed by nameless yarns not worth mentioning . . . .

I FOUND IT! Hooray, Peachy Dolcetto has found it's family!

I couldn't help but do the "Yarn Happy Dance" right there in the store - surely blog-worthy material!

(Oh, thanks so much to all the wonderfully thoughtful people who offered to annoy their local JoAnn's store for me - you're sweethearts!)

Now I just have to twiddle my thumbs, waiting for my wrist to heal so I can cast on the Hourglass Sweater! (Hmmm, perhaps by tonight?)